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Just wanted to say thanks for the pleasant buying experience. We just got back from our first outing and all went well. The old truck didn't have any problems pulling the 2720sl and the weight distribution hitch worked like a charm. I am sending along some pictures...

Again, we would like to thank Scott, Tommy and yourself for the thorough walk-thru and answering all of our questions.

Ron & Debbie Moreno









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This customer told Scott Eickhoff at Custom RV, "if you can make it fit in my garage, I will buy the TrailManor." Scott did just that, and designed the first-ever detachable tongue (later adopted into production by TrailManor).

“Bob & Scott, It’s 11:55 AM and I’m taking the trailer. It really looks great, what a good idea. Thanks a million.”

Roger Hull
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Dear Bob and Scott, […] the modification Scott performed on the trailer hitch allows us to store the trailer in our two-car garage alongside our car and still close the garage door. The second battery Scott installed for us allows us to dry camp for five days.”

Roy & Sharon Hughes
Chatsworth, CA

“Wow, the tongue modification that Custom RV in Anaheim, CA, made on my 1999 TM is great!!! The craftsmanship is surperb; everyone I showed it to on my Thanksgiving camping trip was very impressed with it! They welded the sway control bar to the front piece of the tongue frame since it needs to be right where the tongue splits. In addition, they welded pieces of metal on each side of where the tongue splits to which they attached safety chains; these chains are joined by a bolt [that I don't know the name of.] It seems very safe! I was pleased with how very easy it was to take apart and that the front of the tongue was not as heavy as I expected. Now, the TM fits into the garage.”

“And, it is all thanks to the folks at Custom RV, the local TM dealer, in Anaheim, CA. I don’t want to sound like an advertisement, but they made such a difference in my successful use of the TM, I can't thank them enough!!!

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“Dear Scott, Thanks a million for your help with the awning and miscellaneous items. Hope to send you some business. Take care and regards to your dad.”

Joe & Jill Iaucalano
Carlsbad, CA

“I had the tongue of my used 1999 2720SL modified so it could fit in my garage. It was done at Custom RV Inc. in Anaheim, CA. They did an outstanding job!!!!!!!! I found the staff at Custom RV very, very helpful. The work they did included modifying the tongue as well as figuring out why I had trouble closing the unit.”

TrailManor Forum
(on the TrailManor Forum)

“We bought our 2003 3023 from Matt Thacker at Custom RV. Matt and Scott are very low key, no pressure. When we picked it up we spent 6 hours going over it with Scott. In addition, when we left we were told that if anything was not the way we liked it to make a list and bring it back so they could make it right. If you want to be treated fairly and be taken care of after the sale go see Matt or Scott or call them at 714 630 8410. Hope they can help you find your TM.”

J. Bowen
(on the TrailManor Forum)

“I know that everyone who buys a TM thinks their dealer is the best, but Custom RV is really the greatest. Scottie does incredible wood working. He designed the unit with the slide out dinette. If that had been available when we were buying, we would have gotten that vs the 3023 we did get (not that we don't LOVE our 3023). Whatever deal you get from them will be a good deal, believe me.”

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“I agree with you. Matt and Scott are great. We have never been treated this good by a dealership of any kind, and I'm sure we will be treated fairly.”

“Matt and Scott at Custom RV were great, can't say enough about them, what a great dealership.”

Jack & Gayle
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“Custom RV, of Anaheim, CA installed a 3.5kw propane Generac Generator on front folding hitch. They moved the two propane bottles out to the side and put the generator between them. There is a remote starter in a panel near the refrigerator. It is integrated with my solar and the TrailManor's power system. Very nice. My neighbor also has a generator on his 2720 also by Custom RV. All in all its a very nice setup done very professionally and neatly. Custom RV has received praise from others on this board. I highly recommend them.”

”Custom RV in Anaheim, CA was the dealer who originally developed the swing-away hitch which was adopted by TM.”

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“By the way I got it at Custom RV in Anaheim Calif. I can't say enough good things about them. Great people to deal with.”

“Even though they are the nearest dealer to me 100 miles I would drive a lot more then that to deal with them.”

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“We did not buy our 2720SL through Custom RV, but visited their lot several times looking for a used trailer. I agree, very nice people and helpful too.”

Dave Josi
(on the TrailManor Forum)

“Can’t say enough good things about Custom RV. We bought our 2003 Chalet Arrowhead from them - two years ago and recently ordered our newest toy - a 2720 Trailmanor. They are fabulous to deal with. They help with any problem - however, minor. And mind you we've had very few. You'll be very pleased with them - it's one of the main reasons we chose to move up to a Trailmanor! They are like family!”

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